A Dallas Area Designers Perspective And Tips On Buying And Selling A Home

Dated: 03/06/2014

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Sometimes it helps to get an outside perspective from someone other than a Realtor when thinking of buying or selling a home in this competitive market we have here in Texas.  Surprised that a Realtor may suggest such an idea?  My reason is this--we, as Realtors are out "in" the market every day, yes, but other industry professionals-such as designers-are also seeing where the "demand" and current interior design trends are for today's homes (ie:  they see what homeowners are wanting in their homes and know the top trends of what is selling before ANY of us know what will be "hot" in design-trends for the season (or longer).  They realize the value of being able to appeal to a wide audience, while updating your home to give it a "sell-able" appearance.

For this very reason, I would like to introduce guest-blogger Alan Hilsabeck from the national, award-winning design firm in Dallas, Hilsabeck Design Associates.  Hilsabeck Design Associates has been published in "Better Homes and Gardens", "Dallas Fort Worth House and Home" and has been featured on HGTV and Houzz.com just to name a few. 

"Hilsabeck Design Firm" specializes in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels...below is a sample of his work:
                                                           "Before"Kitchen - BeforeAfter:
                                    Kitchen - After
                                                 More of Alan's Work Here

             A Designer’s Perspective and Tips on Selling or Buying a home!

So, you are getting ready to put your home on the market or you are looking at several potential homes and cannot decide which one to buy?  There are several things that you may not have thought about that will help in either situation.  Putting these ideas into motion will not only help sell your home faster, but also will help you make a more educated decision to one of the most important milestones of your life. Let us look at putting your home on the market first and what will lead to a faster sale and getting the asking price if not pretty close to it.
When it comes to making your soon to be former home presentable to attract its next owner, there are the two most important areas that need to be explored are the Kitchen and Master Bathroom.  Out of all the areas in and outside the home, these are the top two areas looked at and become the potential decision makers to buy your home or move to the next one on the list.  In either space, grab a pen, paper, or your IPad and take an inventory of the following items and see what needs to be replaced or simply freshened up.  Depending on the existing condition of these items will help determine which direction should be taken.The three major items that will make a major impact when putting your house on the market are the Countertops, Fixtures, and Paint.  Updating these three things will not only transform your kitchen and or master bathroom instantly, but provide a fresh welcoming experience for potential homebuyers.  Based on the overall value of your home; that your Real Estate agent or Realtor will help you determine, will provide the budget guideline as to what should be spent for these items.For instance, when it comes to the Countertops, in today’s market most homes have either Granite or Engineered Stone.  When updating the countertops, select a material that coordinates with the rest of the space, has a bit of unique attributes, yet is not based on personal taste.  This does not mean it has to be generic and boring, the countertops have to have enough pizazz while being attractive to at least 80% of the people looking at the home.  A decorative backsplash can be an optional add; however, if you currently do not have one I would recommend letting the next owner add this since it can be a very personal item.
In regards to the Fixtures; which includes items such as Toilets, Sinks, and Faucets, these are items that can provide a quick update and provide a great impact to either the kitchen or master bathroom for a reasonable amount of both time and money.  Changing out these items with a current model, style, and or finish will not only enhance the overall space but also provide the perception that you have cared for the home in addition that the potential homeowner will have literally new products immediately upon move in.  When you think about how you live in a home, the fixtures and faucets are the most used items on a daily basis.
Of the three recommended items, Paint is the quickest and most economical change that one can make in getting a home ready to be put on the market.  In saying this, it is important to remember one single word: Quality!  Whether repainting an individual room or space like the kitchen or master bathroom or giving the entire house a fresh coat of paint, both the quality of the paint and then the painting task itself is of utmost importance.  The one thing that really will turn a potential homeowner off is seeing a poor quality job.In regards to color selection, stay within the Neutral range of the rainbow of colors to select from.  A warm grey or beige are perfect choices contrasted with crisp white trim, base, and doors.  Also remember that in addition to quality, use the right type of paint for the job.  Walls in general areas should be an Acrylic Latex with at least a Satin or Eg Shel finish.In areas such as the kitchen or bathrooms, the type of paint will be the same while the finish needs to be an Eg Shel or Semi-Gloss.  For ceilings, an Acrylic Latex in a Flat finish will be just fine for general areas while in wet areas (e.g. bathrooms and laundry rooms) the finish needs to be an Eg Shel minimum.  Trims, Base, and Doors should be painted with an Oil-Based Enamel with a Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss finish.  There are many paint companies to select from and usually the final decision will be based on the color desired.  
In the end, making the decision and investment in your soon to be former home is the smartest thing to do, whether updating the countertops, changing out the fixtures, or simply adding a fresh coat of paint will provide the biggest impact. By doing these three things will make the home not only more desirable to potential buyers, but also make this transaction a more profitable one. The tips listed here for the homeowners’ homes you are looking at purchasing should also be on your checklist during touring homes and narrowing the final decision in addition to style, function, features, and size.    Hope this helps no matter which side of the contract you are on.
Alan Hilsabeck, CMKBD, RID, NCIDQ is President of the national award winning design firm of Hilsabeck Design Associates, Inc.  As both a Certified Master Kitchen and Bathroom Designer and a Registered Interior Designer in the State of Texas with over 20 years of experience, Alan and his firm provide both great design to their clients in addition to providing professional expertise to both local and national publications.For more information about the firm please visit our website at www.hilsabeckdesignassociates.com.
Thank you!
Alan Hilsabeck, CMKBD, RID, NCIDQ

Hilsabeck Design Associates, Inc.
4317 Thames Court
Flower Mound, Texas 75028
P: (214) 995-3178

For you, my valued and loyal blog-followers...I would like to offer you a complimentary design consultation for a full kitchen or bath remodel by Hilsabeck Design Associates valued at $500.00. 

Thinking of buying or selling a home in DFW?  Need to know what homes are selling for in your neighborhood and how long they are staying on the market before selling?  Ask me for a complimentary analysis. I'd be glad to help!

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