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Dated: 07/02/2015

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Have you ever seen a home with a massive bay window? Somehow these beautiful accents make a home much more appealing. To up your curb style, you can install a large window that protrudes outside of the home. Whether it’s squared, curved, or circular, a bay window adds a hint of sophistication to a structure. Different bay windows feature a few window panes or hundreds. The look and size is completely up to you!

Now, investing in a piece like this is more than just a purchase, it’s an investment in your home. Along with this investment comes a price tag. But, truth-be-told, a lot of people have no idea how much a bay window will cost them. Many homeowners look at another house with a bay window and immediately decide they’d like to have one added to their home, without thinking of cost. Other things to consider along with the cost are the sizes to choose from and the installation requirements.

So How Much Does A Bay Window Really Cost?

As with many different things that you purchase, the cost will vary drastically depending on your needs. A bay window can cost your at the lowest around $400 and at the top-of-the-line $3,000. The actual window will be purchased and then you will have to pay to have it installed. Both of these individual costs will vary. The cost of the window will depend on the brand of the window and the size of the window. The installation process cost will depend on where you live, the size of the window, and the expertise of the professional installing it.

According to This Old House, a 3-feet-high by 6-feet-wide vinyl-clad 30-degree casement window will cost you between $800 – $1,100. If you’re in need of a custom bay window, you can assume that the price will raise about 15-20 percent more. This process will also take a lot more time and may cost more for installation.

It’s also important to note that the more complex the style of the bay window, the more it will cost. If you are wanting a simple, straightforward window that doesn’t have a lot of flair, the price will be a lot lower. Since, of course, you’re adding a bay window to add curb appeal though, you may want to invest in a more complex style which will grab people’s attention when driving past. You can use a free tool that lets you estimate the cost of a bay window. This tool takes into account the window, the labor, supplies, tools, and where you live. It’s also important to point out that bay windows work best on ground floors. To add a bay window on a second or third floor will cost much more time and money.

What Size Window Should I Buy?

If you’re concerned about the cost of putting in a new bay window, you should pick a bay window that is the same size or smaller than your existing/old window. When you don’t need to break into the wall of your home to make a large opening, it will save you lots of money. If you’re more interested in the visual impression than the price, it doesn’t really matter what size you go with.

Living in the country or on a larger lot allows for space to add large, protruding bay windows. If you happen to live in a neighborhood where the homes are closer together, you may want to avoid adding a bay window too close to a public sidewalk. Larger bay windows eliminate privacy and this can be a bad thing if you live in an area close to sidewalks and lots of traffic. On the other hand, this look seems to work for the entire city of San Francisco so if you are loving the bay window look, go for it!

Another thing to consider when deciding on a size for your bay window is natural light. If you love natural light and would like to have more of it, a large bay window installation will work well for you. This Old House explains that “a wider bay requires a larger opening and a new header – and typically adds $300 to $500 to the job.”

Installation Requirements

Installation requirements for bay windows differ depending on where you live. In some cases, adding a bay window can be considered a large renovation. Not all installations will require a permit and additional structural work on the bay window, but some will. For example, if you plan on adding a window in Denver, Colorado, you will need the following:

-Zoning Permit

-#1R Building Permit

The zoning permit will have to include a site plan that includes the location of the new window. You will also have to present a framing plan that shows the size of the new bay window, the spacing of the studs, posts, beams, headers, and the distance from the finished floor to the bottom of the window.

To find out what you will need to install your new bay window, you can simply ask your contractor who is installing it for you. If you’re tackling it yourself or if the project is smaller, you can call your city and ask.

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