Dallas Unemployment Drops To 46

Dated: 01/23/2015

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The Dallas-Ft Worth area is rebounding in strong job growth, even as thousands move to the DFW area looking for employment.   The latest unemployment rate is 4.6 percent which gives Dallas one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.   One year ago the Dallas unemployment rate was 5.7 percent.  Certainly, the North Texas region has one of the highest job gain rates.   Texas’ job growth kept a strong, steady course in November, but worrisome signs are brewing that employment and the state’s economy could see a rockier road ahead.  Last month, the state’s energy industry posted its first employment decline in a year — 2,300 jobs. Some economists think Texas is headed toward a rough 2015 and perhaps a recession if oil prices stay low or drop further.  The price of crude oil has fallen by nearly half since June. While lower oil prices generally help the U.S. economy by giving consumers more purchasing power, they could hurt Texas.   The state produces 40 percent of all the oil in the nation, however the impact in Dallas should be minimal unlike some other areas of the state. 

  • Dallas Morning News, December 19, 2014

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