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Dated: 03/28/2014

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Studies confirm that 67% of working people are in jobs that they don’t want to be in.
How does this affect your life?
If you consider that almost half your waking hours in life are spent working, then this would suggest that there are many unhappy people in life, or at least while they are at work.
This affects you in two ways: directly as a person and, secondly as a business owner.  When you are unhappy at the work you do it directly affects your production output. 
As a business owner this is important to know because the person that you employ, their production is affected.  Studies show that people who ‘want to’ be in the job out performs a minimum of 2:1 a person who ‘doesn’t want to’ be on the job, regardless of skills.

It becomes crucial as a business owner or a person in a management position to ensure that you get the right ‘Job-Fit’
There are three things to consider when employing a person.  They are known as the cornerstones of performance which are the
things to consider when employing someone.

Company Match
– looks at the person at the interview. (Looking at the Present.)  How does the person fit the business culture?  Some people interview well, however doesn’t mean that they are a job-match.

Skills Match
– looks at the persons C.V.  (Looking at History)  Studies say that over 80% of people lie or ‘flower up’ their C.V.

Job-Match – looks at the person as a whole. (Looking at the Future.) With job-matching the following are measured, the persons: Thinking and Reasoning (Can they do the job?) ; Occupational Interest (Do they want to do the job?) ; Behavioural Traits (How will they do the job?)  
It is critical for a business or any organization to have the right people on the job.  
PACKARDS LAW – “Your ability to increase revenue is directly proportional to your ability to attract the right type of people.”
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