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Dated: 04/02/2014

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What is Success?

What does it mean to be Successful?
How do we achieve Success?  
The dictionary describes Success as the following:  
1.    The Achievement of something planned or attempted.
2.    Impressive achievement, especially the achievement of fame, wealth and power. - Encarta World English Dictionary  
Most people when asked what the want say: “To be Successful!”
Then asked: “How will you know when you are Successful?” Most get to the same conclusion - when they achieve the above dictionary definition in some form or another – Fame, Wealth and Power.  
Here is the concern that I have.  Many achieve Fame, Wealth and Power, only to arrive and still have the feeling of being unfulfilled. Why? I believe that the very thing you think you want is sometimes the very thing that stops you getting it. 
We need to change our attitude towards Success and the incorrect focus that we have on Fame, Wealth and Power.
Let us look at how we can be Successful.  
If Success is a door, then the hinges that open it are Skills and Attitude.   Remember that attitude makes up the most important part of what creates success: you may have all the skills in the world but only the right attitude will enable you to work those skills.   Success is measured by Results.   “If you don’t like what you are getting change what you are doing.”   You need to alter your actions as they directly or indirectly bring upon the results you are getting.
Change your focus and clarify what it is that makes you truly happy.  

The best definition I have is said by Walt Disney.
  “Would the child you were be proud of the adult you have become.” -Walt Disney
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