Fake It Till You Make It

Dated: 03/31/2014

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...I think not! 
Buyers are savvy and those that are not will know someone that is. Most can spot a fake and each time you show that you are an uninformed Realtor you leave an impression that will last (and spread) long after you educate yourself.   

Be Prepared:
- Know what's happening in the market...especially locally.  Be the expert of your farming area.

- Know the contracts. If there is something you do not understand ask your Broker...or Google it. 
- Make a list of what you are not sure of.  Discuss it with your Broker and a minimum of 3 Realtors you respect. 
- Know how to respond when put on the spot over something you are not familiar with.  Informed and uninformed people will challenge your knowledge base...practice sessions will help prepare you.   
Every time you let someone know you are a Realtor you have to prove yourself. Take your job seriously. Learn to be a trusted source of reliable information and watch your business grow. 
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Kerry Downs

Kerry owned and operated a successful business in the Real Estate and home improvement industry for over 35 years while his Father was a East Texas Land Broker. Providing their customers with quality ....

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