Harbor At Adriatica Resort Style Luxury Condos In Mckinney

Dated: 07/23/2014

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You're enjoying the serene atmosphere... stone architecture... Mediterranean cuisine on the patio from your favorite restaurant overlooking the calming water views:  you're not on vacation-you're simply going...home.  Indeed, you are yearning for a lifestyle of convenience, coupled with quality...quality finish-out, and quality surroundings.  You want only the best-you deserve the best.  You crave the luxury of a million-dollar home but you no longer find the upkeep of a million-dollar home attractive.  You want time to enjoy life, yet you also want all that life has to offer...within the footsteps of your own community.  Welcome...to the Riva Harbor At Adriatica.AdriaticachurchAdriatica is a European Village in Mckinney at the corner of Stonebridge and Virginia that is like no other.  As Unique by Nature as Mckinney is itself, Adriatica is a Village all its own.  Developed by the amazing Jeff Blackard and George Fuller, it's an experience you are not soon to forget.  It's that feeling you have on the first day of vacation in an exotic locale...no worries, no stress...just...relaxation and taking it all in.  Whether you are retiring and crave a more care-free lifestyle, the ease of an elevator building directly connected to night-life, want a locale when visiting the area, a resort-like summer home in Texas with water views , or you can simply appreciate the better things in life and crave a relaxing view from your own home, Adriatica is a must-see locale.  (Adriatica also has retail suites directly connected to the Harbor for the busy executive who is tired of a long commute).The Harbor at Adriatic is a pleasant escape.  Take a stroll on a Saturday through this amazing community after grabbing a coffee at the neighborhood Starbucks, or perhaps a glass of wine at Zen Zin and feel your worries melt away.  Why wouldn't you want this feeling all of the time?  View more on the history of Adriatica here. 

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