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Dated: 02/11/2014

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Improvement is important in all aspects of your life. Your health, your relationships, and your wardrobe are all examples of things worth checking in on and keeping up-to-date. But today I'm writing about improving your home. "Keeping up with the Joneses" has been a long standing adage that many see as a tacky way to one-up your neighbors. But what's important to know about the Joneses is that when it's time to sell, their home will sell before yours.

Times change, styles change, and if you don't do something to keep your home updated you may see extra days on the market when you list your home. I can't tell you how many times I've shown a home that's only 7 years old and buyers pass because not one thing had been done to the home aesthetically. No one wants your ugly brass doorknobs or cheap builder-grade light fixtures. That is the LEAST you can do when updating your home.  There are places online you can get AMAZING light fixtures for a very low cost. Even if you're only updating a few a year... you're ahead of the game. This is not to say that you should be TOO trendy, because trends change. Keep it classic.
What updates are buyers looking for other than newer light fixtures and updated door hardware? The following list are a few things that you can do to your home to NOT ONLY keep it up but that you, too, can enjoy:
  1. Crown Molding - Crown molding is always something that my buyers appreciate and it is a very inexpensive update.
  2. Stone countertops - is a great company that often has great specials on granite and quartz countertops. Ask Daneya what she has the best deal on. ALMOST ANYTHING is better than laminate countertops.
  3. Tile/flooring - Because no one wants to see linoleum. And if you have carpet in any wet area, it needs to go.
  4. Accent wall - The wall behind your bed in your master bedroom is a great way to add a nice touch. I'm hesitant to say paint because it tends to be a very personal thing. But if you go with a nice neutral (darker brown, a nice gray, etc) accent wall it can bring a lot of character to a room. If you can't paint properly, PLEASE GET SOMEONE WHO CAN!
  5. Kitchen backsplash - It can really make a difference. Make sure it looks professional. I've made the mistake of hiring cheap labor for tile work. Not a good choice.
  6. Covered Patio - Everyone enjoys a covered patio and often times it is a BIG selling point for buyers, especially in Texas
  7. Appliances - Not once in my career has any one sought after white appliances. Those days are gone.
These are a few items that I always notice along with my buyers. If you need ideas, check out the model homes in your area. Don't over do your updates unless you will get personal enjoyment in them. You may not always recoup the funds you spent but it will most assuredly reduce your time on the market and it will be something you can be proud of. If you have any questions about updates or need some opinions, you know I have them! So feel free to ask.
love from your favorite Real Estate Pro,

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