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Dated: 02/03/2014

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Many times buyers begin looking for a new or a change in homes long before they seemingly are ready to buy and that is great.  But, what I always encourage my clients to do is first get pre-qualified with a lender so if by chance you find that dream home you are looking for you will not have the financial monkey on your back and you can if you desire move forward with the potential purchase of that dream home you always wanted.  This occurred this week end in fact a young couple wanted to start looking for a new home here in the Fort Worth area in the Eagle Mountain school district.  On Saturday we looked at 4 properties one in which they really liked.  So, they decided to keep it in the file for future discussion.  On Sunday we looked at an additional property that they had received through my prospect gateway program and they liked it so well we made an offer.  Now, they had already been pre-approved through "Prime Lending" with Jennifer Dudley and it's a done deal.  So even if you think you might be 6 months + out before you think you want to by get prequalified before hand so that if you find the perfect home you can move forward and not miss out on the property.

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