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We are really happy to have chosen to buy our house through Halo, and we will not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Our Realtor Jamuna was fantastic and we couldn't have chosen better. She was pro-active, knowledgeable, trustworthy, available at a moment's notice, and really looked out for our best interests. She was also a great negotiator and got us plenty of repairs done by the seller that I didn't think was possible to get. It was a great experience!

Client of Jamuna Thill

Keith Hefner helped me find the perfect house to rent close to my job and with a safe place for my kids to play.

R. Williams

When my husband and I needed to find a home in North Texas in a hurry we found Lana Dunlap.

She helped us every step of the way from finding local properties that fit our description perfectly, through the entire loan process once we found our home, to being there to hand us the keys and welcome us to our new home. She is not only our go-to-realtor, she has also become a close family friend. I highly recommend contacting her.


My family and I moved to Dallas, Texas just over a year ago.

My husband was transferred up here very quickly and we simply did not have enough time to truly get to know Dallas and find out where we really wanted to live. So, we decided to rent for the first year. Around February, 2014, we had the pleasure of meeting Becky Tuttle, as realtor with Halo Realty Group. I drew an instant liking to Becky. From then on, I believe that we walked close to 100 homes until we found the right one. Becky was always available when we had questions, when we needed help and when we would pop in a new viewing we wanted to see at the last minutes. She has always been willing to walk that extra mile for us. Becky has been our advocate through the entire process. I would like to especially let you know how Becky handled a very difficult situation for us. We were in contract to purchase a home (3843 Ruidosa Ave., Dallas, TX), but the sale fell through due to many different factors. The lender that we chose to use was very “detailed” and due to that, was not getting things completed in a timely manner. So, we had to extend, extend, extend. One of the items the lender was being cautious about was the appraisal. The house was a flip and with that the lender did not believe the value listed to be true. As is with FHA loans, the lender is allowed to order a second appraisal if they feel the need. And they did. When the second appraisal came in, it came in WELL below the contracted price and therefore, they would not underwrite the loan at our offer, they would only do what the second appraisal came in at. During this time, Becky was in constant contact letting the seller’s agent know what was going on. When the seller found out about the value of the second appraisal, he became furious, threatening to report Becky and to sue Becky. For what? Doing her job? At no point did she mislead the sellers agent. She was in constant contact with them to let them know what was happening and why. As well, the seller held our Earnest money hostage for several months. We just received the money back after Becky did a lot of leg work for us. After that, we finally found our new home now. We LOVE our new home and we are settling in nicely. We cannot say enough about Becky and how she has truly become one of our very good friends. I have already given out Becky’s name to friends that I know are looking to purchase and/or sell in this area. We will continue to do so, in support of our friend. In short, Becky Tuttle is a phenomenal person. She has my business for as long as I am living in the Dallas Texas area. I truly hope that you know what an asset Becky is. She is priceless and she is awesome! Very Sincerely, Nancy Harvath

Nancy Harvath

If you are looking for a dream home in a nice safe area in Dallas Keith Hefner is the person to see.

charlene eaves

Keith helped me buy my first home after my husband passed.

He was very compassionate toward my feelings at this very difficult time in my life. He was professional and saw it all the way through. Thank you Keith.


If you are looking for the person who has a vast array of knowledge and expertise in assisting with your home buying experience Keith Hefner is the guy.

He is one of the most responsive and most professional people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Keith helped me purchase my first home and I doubt that any other real estate broker would have been able to give me the attentiveness that was offered by Keith. I highly recommend Keith.

Ali Kahla

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